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Full Stack

Full Stack

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The first layer: UX Research

We provide our client in process of developing a website starts with figuring out what goal the site is suppose to achieve, and then provide them a plan based on that goal and requirement.


The second layer: UI Design

We determine the factors for the deigning of the UX Layer and move on to design a User Interface (UI). Here we execute the plan to make all these things as simple as possible, and to ensure proper functioning.


The third layer: Front End Development

Here is the real action begins where planning and designing is executed in this stage, we implement the design, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and perhaps other technologies.


The fourth layer: Back End Development

We Create back-end modules and services with back-end technologies in JEE, JDBC, Spring, RESTful Services, Design database, queries with MongoDB according to the client needs and requirements.


The fifth layer: Database Administration

Murasys provides designing and developing databases to support the tasks of your site.

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